About The BLADE

The person behind the BLADE is none other than me, Peter J. Rasor II. I graduated in 2010 from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) with a PhD in Philosophy. I also hold the ThM degree in Systematic Theology from SBTS, and an MMin and MDiv in Theology from Cincinnati Christian University. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ).

The goal in my blog is to write on issues that interest me and what I take to be of valid concern to the Church in the areas of theology and philosophy. My utmost concern is to defend and proclaim the truth of Christianity. The views expressed on this blog are solely mine and do not represent in any way my place of employment, my church, or anything else in this world.

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to make comments or ask questions. I will reply as quickly as possible.


One Response to About The BLADE

  1. Joel Stevao says:

    Dr. Rasor,
    Thank you for your articles on ‘Is Apologetics Really Needed? Answering Objections to Apologetics”.
    The article came right when I needed some answers.
    God Bless

    Joel Stevao
    Biola Apologetics Student