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Moral Totalitarianism: The Irony of Moral Imperatives in a Secular Culture

This is a guest post written by Rich Hoyer, director of The Reveal Conference There is an irony afoot that many people don’t recognize.  It is the incongruence of the moral “truths” that our secular society is foisting upon the … Continue reading

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The Irrationality and Evil of Moral Relativism

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” ~Isaiah 5:20~ If teaching in higher education for the past thirteen years has taught me anything, it … Continue reading

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Fake News and Alternative Facts: What’s the Truth?

By now most people have become familiar with the idea of “fake news” and “alternative facts.” “Fake news” are stories contrived by news outlets, either legitimate or illegitimate, that are not real, i.e., make-believe. Akin to fake news, “alternative facts” … Continue reading

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Trump and the Hypocrisy of Christians

Probably like most people, over the last week my Facebook page has been lit up with presidential politics. My page has been especially littered with comments by those who have been critical of my postings of articles and my comments … Continue reading

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What Did Andy Stanley Say? A Question of Methodology

Andy Stanley has seemingly gotten himself into trouble again with some evangelicals over his recent sermon “The Bible Tells Me So.” My Facebook page has lit up over Stanley’s most recent comments about the nature of Scripture. David Prince, Professor of Preaching … Continue reading

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Jack Cottrell: In A League of His Own

With the retirement of Professor Jack Cottrell in the Spring of 2016, students will no longer be privileged to sit under one of the best theologians of our time. But Cottrell’s teaching will continue for generations. There are some theologians in life … Continue reading

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Judge Me. It’s O.k. Really.

“Hey, stop judging me! You can’t judge me and my beliefs!” How many times have we heard something like this? The implication of such exclamations are clear: someone’s personal beliefs about religion or morality are off limits—they cannot be discerned … Continue reading

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Reflecting on “Restoration”: Barton W. Stone

I have been a part of the Restoration Movement (RM, hereafter) for most of my life. As far back as I can remember, my family attended a Christian Church or Church of Christ. Although I never attended many (if any) … Continue reading

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Why Christians Ought to Embrace “Science” and Give Up “Faith”

It is common to hear that science and faith are opposed to one another: science is about finding “facts” and giving “proof,” while faith is about “believing” without evidence. It is like having a brick wall that separates the two … Continue reading

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Starving the Sheep: A Book Review of “Franchising McChurch”

It was not long after arriving at my new home in Arizona that the church advertisements began flooding our mailbox. One piece, professionally done, had six of their “promises” to their new customers prominently displayed: “Exciting Kids’ Programs,” “Incredible Music,” “Inspirational … Continue reading

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