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Ken Ham, What If the Shoe Were on the Other Foot?

What if Ken Ham’s criticisms of belief in an old earth were applied to a position he held to be true, let’s say, heliocentrism (the idea that the sun is the center and the earth rotates around it)? What would … Continue reading

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Why Christians Ought to Embrace “Science” and Give Up “Faith”

It is common to hear that science and faith are opposed to one another: science is about finding “facts” and giving “proof,” while faith is about “believing” without evidence. It is like having a brick wall that separates the two … Continue reading

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When Scientific Naturalism Begins to Crumble: Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos

During the 1990s, a movement known as Intelligent Design (ID) budded wings and began to fly. ID arose primarily out of concern that Darwinism could not account for the existence of everything in nature, especially biological organisms. ID theorists essentially … Continue reading

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Why American Christians Are Losing Their Minds: Part 1

Numerous studies over the last several decades reveal a startling and frightening fact: American Christians are losing their minds. This is to say that Christians are increasingly becoming more ignorant of what they believe and why they believe it. Take, … Continue reading

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Bill Nye the Fallacy Guy and Ken Ham’s “Canned” Reply

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” posted a video a couple of weeks ago that went viral, receiving over four million views (you can view it here). In the video, Nye states that “evolution is the fundamental idea in all of … Continue reading

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