Dr. Rasor’s podcasts are listed here in order of episodes with the most recent listed first. The podcasts are officially hosted on Anchor’s website HERE. You can follow the podcasts and listen to them on various applications, including Spotify, Google podcasts, and others. Just click on the appropriate icons on The Blade’s host page on Anchor.

Episode 28: ROSES: A Molinist Approach to Salvation and Sovereignty
Episode 27: What’s In a Worldview?
Episode 26: Molinism and Its Objections – Part 2
Episode 25: Molinism and Its Objections: A Discussion with Tim Stratton
Episode 24: Immortal: How the Fear of Death Drives Us and What We Can Do About It
Episode 23: Racism and War: Ron Chernow’s “Grant”
Episode 22: Jesus Smoke: Why You Might Be a Consumerist Christian and Not Know It
Episode 21: No Freedom for You! The Retreat of Western Liberalism
Episode 20: Mere Christianity: Essentials and Non-essentials of the Faith
Episode 19: Sorry. Science Doesn’t Work Like That.
Episode 18: The Saints of Zion: An Intro to Mormon Theology by Dr. Travis Kerns
Episode 17: Is Belief in an Old Earth Atheistic?
Episode 16: Who is God? The Trinity
Episode 15: Why (Democratic) Socialism is Evil (and Christians Should Reject It)
Episode 14: Apologetics and Evangelism: The Reveal Conference
Episode 13: God’s Knowledge – Part One: Biblical and Philosophical Considerations
Episode 12: Science and Faith: Do the Two Go Together?
Episode 11: Jack Cottrell: A Theologian’s Life and Work
Episode 10: The Gospel of Peace
Episode 9: Toward Spiritual Maturity
Episode 8: Is Apologetics Useless? A Reply to Pete Enns
Episode 7: Do We Need Theology?
Episode 6: Do We Need Apologetics?
Episode 5: Should Christians Divide Over the Age of the Earth?
Episode 4: Divine Omniscience and Human Free Will
Episode 3: Does Socialism Lead to Totalitarianism? Hayek and “The Road to Serfdom”
Episode 2: The Importance of Thinking
Episode 1: Inaugural Podcast – Thinking